Ultims has a multitude of uses:

Logistics: Tracking mode is used here. Ultims monitors in real time the delivery / removal of containers or supports, locates drop-off locations, avoids mistakes, simplifies the work.
Interventions: Ultims allows creating lists of necessary equipment for an intervention, makes an inventory when starting to make sure of having all that is necessary. A verification at the return is made to be sure forget nothing on the field. Emergency services, maintenance, mobile sites …
Delivery / rental: Ultims verifies that all the elements constituting a complex system (crane, sound system, etc.) are complete for delivery. Ultims avoids unnecessary travel, lost equipment and improves customer satisfaction. On return Ultims makes sure everything is here.
Group Outings: Ultims ensures the presence of students or tourists at every stage of an outing, a trip, even in public places. Ultims makes it easy for caregivers, allowing family or friends to follow the progress. Ultims can better enjoy the output. Ultims makes it easy to find a lost person by knowing their last position.
Personal Protective Equipment: Ultims provides employees with a list of the safety equipment to wear according to the work to be done and ensures in real time (or at specific points) that it is well worn. Signal anomalies locally and remotely. An additional security guarantee for employees and the company (the tag is in miniaturization phase).