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The principle

Ultims uses low-consumption smart beacons to make 100% automatic inventories , without the need to scan a barcode or RFID tag. Employees are released from this constraint, errors are avoided. Thanks to the use of common technologies (Bluetooth and Smartphone) the investment costs are very low. The lifespan of the tags can reach 10 years.

Ultims uses the IoT collaborative network Wibbee  for tracking mode and the Ultims APP for inventory mode. This scheme allows object to be read and located by any Wibbee user.

The Ultims APP enable to create lists of objects (tags) either in inventory mode of all nearby objects or in selection mode. Then at any time it is possible to start checking the presence or absence of tags in the list. All the checks are geolocated and saved on the Cloud. It is also possible to see on a map the last known position of an object.